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Meetings &Training
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Meetings are held the third Tuesday of every month from 6:30pm-8:30pm at The White Oak EMS Community Center.

Part 1

The basic compass navigation course is located in White Oak Park, playground entrance.  Park in the playground parking lot off of the one lane bridge and proceed to the covered picnic area.  You will see a BBQ grill and a tree with a sign that reads NO HUNTING/NO TRAPPING.  You will note BRIGHT ORANGE FLAGGING TAPE. This is your starting location.
     1.  From the starting location shoot a compass bearing of 224 degrees (SW) and follow this course heading for 2 minutes.  You should come upon a large tree with orange flagging tape on it.  Congrats, you have reached way point number 1.
     2.  From Waypoint number 1 shoot a compass bearing of 118 degrees (SE) and follow this course heading for 2 minutes.  You should come upon another tree with orange flagging on it.  This is way point  number 2.
     3.  To return to where you started follow 348 degrees (NNW) for 2 minutes. 
I won't give away all the details, but this simple 6 minute walk through the woods is a bit demanding.  Wear a long sleeve shirt and shoes or boots you dont care about.  You do not need this map to do the course.  For a challenge, back track from the grill and navigate to waypoint 3, then 2 and back to the start.  This will require you to figure out your back azimuth.  If you can figure this out consider yourself an intermediate compass navigator.

Part 2

A 5 yr old boy is missing from a family picninc at the Mountain Ash I Grove at White Oak Park. Your SAR team begins to arrive and gear up as you conduct the folowing interview with the boys family.  Mom states the following to you:
1. His name is Billy, he is 5 years old and will not respond to his name being called out.  He is wearing blue jeans, white tennis shoes and is carrying either a Disney or Flintstones Backpack filled with toys and a sippy cup.  He is also wearing a navy stocking cap. She is unsure of what toys are in the pack except she is sure that he brought some of his matchbox cars since those are his favorite toy to play with. He has blonde hair and blue eyes and is average build for a 5 yr old boy.
2.  Mom also says he was last seen playing on the lower part of the grove near the swing set.  He called out to her that he was going to the bathroom and walked that way.  After not seeing him for 20 minutes she called 911 who inturn activated your SAR Team.  She did not go down the hill to look for him.
This is a clue awareness practice session.  Use the information above and travel to this site and conduct your own search.  If you have a camera take pictures of the clues you find or write them down, DO NOT REMOVE THEM.  See how many of Billy's belongings you can find.  If you find the backpack, you find Billy. It should take you no longer than 30 minutes to complete this exercise.  Email for a complete listing of Billy's belongings that are on the course after you complete it yourself.  Good Luck!!!


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